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14 February 2013

0800 numbers could be free from a mobile.

0800 could be free from a mobile.
Paying astronomical prices to ring a 0800 freephone from your current mobile operator in Great Britain could be a thing of the past. Ofcom, which is the United Kingdom's current telecommunications regulator, has outlined a proposal to make the 0800 telephone range free to mobile callers. The concept of the 0800 freephone service originated out of America in the late 1960's, as an alternative method from the operator assisted reverse charge service which needed an live operator to complete the call. The general intended purpose of the 0800 freephone number range and service would reduce the need for live operators, as having a 0800 number makes the reverse call charges automatically. Currently anyone making an a call to a 0800 freephone number, the called party pays to receive the call. Calls to a 0800 Freephone number are also generally free from anyone ringing from any landline in the UK. 0800 numbers were also initially free from some UK mobile operators until around 2005. Most mobile operators in Great Britain never included minutes for callers to make calls to 0800 freephone numbers. To make the matters even worse, most UK mobile operators generally mark the price up to twenty pence per minute, therefore making a freephone call from a mobile not so free. If this proposal with 0800 freephone numbers is ever approved, all calls made to 0800 freephone numbers will be free from any phone in the UK, regardless if it is a mobile or a landline. In addition, Ofcom also proposes that more clarification is needed on 087 numbers, as well as 09 and 118 prefixes. On 087 numbers, callers are currently being told: "This call will cost you certain amount of pence per minute from a BT land line, calls may vary on other landlines and will cost considerably more from a mobile." If Ofcom makes a change to this provision as proposed, it could be stated as; "This call will cost you a certain amount of pence per minute plus your phone company’s access charge." All current proposals are in reaching the end of their consultation period, and Ofcom is expected to rule on any changes very shortly. With the need to make all calls to 0800 numbers free from all phones, especially from mobiles, to the benefit of consumers. This proposal will also help bring 0800 freephone telephone numbers back to it's original intended purpose, as an alternative method to reverse call charges.

Do you welcome the news of 0800 Freephone Numbers being free to all callers, including calls made from a mobile.
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