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15 February 2013

Connecting to VOIP telephone service.

Many people think that VoIP is making voice calls over the internet, that means you are tied to a computer and can only make calls to other VoIP users using a computer. But this is not true at all about VoIP, there are other ways to make a telephone without the need of a computer, but you still need an high speed internet connection to the world wide web in order to make this possible.

There are other ways for connecting to a VOIP telephone service without being tied to a computer.

Connecting to VOIP phone service.
Soft phone: A soft phone is a piece of software you install on your PC, that enables you to connect to VoIP. The best known VoIP soft phone is Skype, but other soft phones include X Lite, Ninja Lite and Firefly. A soft phone is ideal for use ‘on the go’, for example installed on a laptop and used to make and receive VoIP calls while travelling.

DECT phone: A DECT phone uses a single base station to connect multiple cordless handsets to the internet to make VoIP calls. Handsets usually have their own charging station but don’t need to be plugged into a phone socket. DECT phones are ideal for small businesses as it is easy to add or remove handsets without making changes to office infrastructure. Here at Blue Penguins UK Telecommunications we would recommend the Gigaset N300A base station (from around £63) – compatible handsets can be had from around £40 each.

‘Classic’ VoIP desk phone: A ‘classic’ VoIP desk phone looks and behaves a lot like a standard business desktop phone – except that it connects to your local area network (LAN) and your PC. This type of phone usually has similar features to a DECT phone – but because it is a corded phone there’s more room for buttons so they can be easier and more familiar to use. We like the Cisco 303 (around £70), and budget users can get a Grandstream 101 for as little as £40

ATA (analogue telephone adaptor): An ATA is a device that connects a PSTN phone with a VoIP service. By plugging a phone line cable into one outlet, and a VoIP or Ethernet cable into another outlet, a ‘traditional’ PSTN telephone can be used to make and receive calls via the internet. This solution is ideal for individuals or organisations who do not wish to replace their existing phone handsets.


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