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20 February 2013

Landline call rates to a mobile could be reduced.

The UK's Competition Commission has a  proposal to cut the cost of calling a mobile from a landline by about eighty percent. The proposal should happen more quickly. Some of the mobile rates have already dropped, but the process has been held up by legal action by the mobile operators. Vodafone has already warned that the reduced tariffs on calls from a landline could mean higher call charges for it's pay  as you go customers. Also noted that the tariffs that mobile phone firms charge rivals for handling calls from their networks, also classified as mobile termination rates or MTRs, can be regarded excessively high mark ups. Last year Ofcom has plans to reduce the current mobile from a landline call rate from an average of 4.18 pence per minute or ppm to 2.66 ppm. Offcom wants to see the landline to mobile tariffs reduce down to just under three quarter of a pence, by the year 2015. Offcom is also hoping bt that the time the reduced tarrifs would be passed on to customers. But many of the big mobile telecommunication providers such as  Vodafone, O2, and many more are trying to appeal Offcom decision claiming mobile tariff rate reductions from a landline cuts are too ridiculously low. There are some other mobile carriers such as BT along with mobile firm want to see more quicker approach to making these drastic landline to mobile reductions, a reality more sooner. Even the Competition Commission (CC) has ruled  as well as agree on targeted date of 2014 for landline to mobile call reductions. If these landline to mobile tariffs ever became a reality, Britain's mobile telecommunication companies could be out of pocket by about a billion pounds annually.

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