14 February 2013

0871 Numbers considered Premium Rated?

0871 regulations you need to know
You should be aware that an 0871 telephone numbers, are now considered premium rated numbers, which charges the caller by the minutes. These rates are significantly higher rate from a non BT landline, and calls from mobiles tend to be overcharge by astronomical proportions from most mobile operators in the UK. There is an huge advantage to you, and your business from having a 0871 telephone number. 0871 telephone numbers tend to generate a reasonable payout for calls made to that particular number. In 2009, Ofcom has reclassified the 0871 range from national to premium rated number. So for now on the 0871 number ranges are now subject to special rules and is now regulated by PhonePayPlus, the same UK phone-paid services regulator of the 0900 number ranges. The most important thing to know is that if you are asking customers to call your 0871 Fixed rate premium number, you must state the call rate you will charge clearly and straight forwardly. Also mentioned that price to call your 0871 number is if you were calling from a BT landline. Also 0871 calls from mobiles, and other providers charge more for the same call. So do not waste money printing stationery and marketing materials that could get you in trouble with the regulator.

Please take a look at PhonePayPlus and their Code of Practice for 0871 number regulations to check whether you are compliant to the current regulations with your 0871 number.

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