18 May 2020

Discontinuation of the 087 range.

0870 and 0871 numbers are now less commonly used for businesses in the UK, due to changes in regulations introduced in 2013. These telephone used to be labelled as national rated numbers by BT over a decade ago, now a 0870 telephone number is expensive to call, from almost every telephony service provider, especially from mobile telephone. Some businesses may still use them for use in pre-sales telephone number for a travel or to obtain information on film showings at the cinemas. Not only do you have to pay per minute for telephone call, the company your calling will most likely get a small rebate from the telephone call. Ofcom made changes to post telephone call sales, as part of “The Consumer Contracts Regulations act of 2013”, which came into effect on the thirteenth day of June in 2014. The forces behind “The Consumer Contracts Regulations act of 2013”, was to protect consumers rights to complain without being charged astronomical telephone costs for attempting to rectify problems with services or products they brought, which were not their fault from the beginning.

Due to changes in ofcom regulations that went in effect on the thirteenth day of June in 2014, which helped lower the demand for these types of services, from such telephone numbers in the 0870 & 0871 number range. After careful consideration, we have decided to stop selling 0870 & 0871 telephone numbers altogether, effectively starting on the eighteenth day of May in 2020. Current customers can still keep their existing telephone numbers with us, including numbers that were just ported in. The withdrawal of the 0870 & 0871 telephone numbers, only effects customers wishing to purchase new 0870 or 0871 telephone numbers from us, which the number withdrawal is due to the very low usage and demand for this type of telephony service. We do apologise for any inconvenience of the very few businesses, that may still use these types of telephone numbers.

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