20 February 2014

2014 Newsletter

FREE upgrade to the world's best virtual business line

Our tech development team hasn't been this excited since they found out about Star Wars VII. We can see why. They've only gone and made a massively souped-up new version of Basic Connect!
Virtual Telephone Connect gives you low-cost, hassle-free control over your calls. Make outbound calls, divert to voicemail and set up a VoIP phone within seconds.

We're offering a free upgrade to all customers with a GEO number starting with 01 or 02.
Just call us and we'll get it set up today.

  • Use VoIP to eliminate call connection charges and make low cost calls
  • Make outbound calls, with your Blue Penguins number as your caller ID
  • Get alerts when you receive calls so that you can answer in your company name
  • Use your laptop and mobile phone to make and receive calls anywhere in the world
  • Never send a call to voicemail with our 24-hour call-answering service
  • Set company opening hours
  • Seamlessly upgrade to Business PBX Service when your business grows

We're on a mission to make calling over the Internet easier for our customers and we've done it! Zoiper is a great new app that makes VoIP set-up so simple your kids could do it. In fact show 'em this video and they probably could…

Get the app today, or just upgrade to Virtual Telephone Connect or Business PBX Service.
(we liked Zoiper so much we built it in for free).

It takes just three easy steps:

  1. Install a free app on your mobile phone
  2. Push a button on the app while pointing your phone at your computer screen
  3. Start making calls!

One More Thing… Our upgrade commitment for all customers

You may have noticed that we have been releasing lots of new products recently.

Shortly is a new version of Professional Answers.

As a company we are passionate about providing simple but effective telephony to support business growth.

All these releases are based on our new GenU technology, which enables us to provide you with some brilliant features that really enhance your business experience. We have already included some of these within products like Virtual Telephone Connect and Business PBX Service and there are many more to come!
We are committed to helping all Blue Penguins members benefit from our fantastic, business-enabling, GenU technology by the end of 2014.

Upgrades will be at no charge and we will be contacting you when we are ready to upgrade you.
If you want to upgrade sooner then please email us on
and we will see what we can do.

That's all for this month!
Jeffrey Welther
Blue Penguins UK
(Marketing Director)

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