10 March 2020

Gold numbers, are they still essential?

What are gold phone numbers?

Gold Numbers are easy to remember telephone numbers. For example it is easier to remember a telephone number that ends with 2323 versus 2374. Easy to remember (gold) numbers are always great for use in online marketing campaigns. These telephone numbers, tend to stick in any individual’s heads more easily. Having a telephone number like 0161 715 1234, would be great to remember without a pen and paper handy.

The gold number is surprisingly still the essential business tool in the year 2020, as the preferred method of communication from consumer to business is still the telephone. As gold numbers still been an effective technique for making an everlasting memorable impression with your customers, is by having an easy to remember telephone number. Which will add more visibility to almost any company, and form of a successful part of any companies branding strategy.

In today’s modern society, most people have a hard time remembering ordinary telephone numbers, belonging to close family members and mates, without having to look at their smart phone contact list. Your business number should be easily recalled, even without using a pen and paper to write it down or the use of a smart phone to record it.

Some gold (memorable) telephone numbers can also be used to spell words using the keypad which also makes it easy for people to remember, perhaps 0161 715 5000. There are very few of these numbers now available for your business to use, which makes the cost of obtaining these numbers, cheap for some and expensive for others.

Branding and identity!

Your gold telephone number could be part of your branding strategy, by selecting a telephone number that spells out your company name. A slogan, or any certain key word(s) that in relationship to the brands or services your company offers. This is an effective way to increase your sales along with your brand recognition. While your customers will find your business telephone number, very easy to remember. Keep this in mind that a gold telephone number, will also make it easier to spread the word about your business. Telephone numbers such as 0161 715 1500 or 0161 715 1515, are easy to remember. Even not so easy to remember numbers such as 0161 715 1540 or 0161 715 1530, can also work and be efficiently over a 0161 715 1534 telephone number.

High standard and larger businesses, could choose memorable words to match their brand or business, such as 0161 715 LOCK (5625) for a locksmith or 0161 715 2 LET (2538) for a letting agent. You can use 0161 715 TAXI (8294), if you offer private car for hire as a business enterprise. After all gold telephone numbers can be an effective way to advertise your business, as easy to remember and never to forget telephone numbers.

Reachable Telephony Solutions.

Maybe that your company currently may not easy to remember telephone phone number for your customers to call; instead you provide them with online methods such as email, Skype live chats, or perhaps your mobile telephone as a preferred method for your customers to contact your business. There may be an urge to move all your communications to web for small businesses in order to save money on costs. Keep in mind, there are still many Britons (especially pensioners) who prefer speaking to someone over the telephone versus emailing and chatting online. Some may not call a mobile telephone, as many still considering using a mobile telephone for a business unprofessional. Yes still to this day, many landline and VoIP providers still charge calls by the minute for calls to a mobile number. Mobile telephone numbers are more harder to be branded as a gold (easy to remember) numbers, because most mobile phone operators don't offer pick your own mobile number scheme.

Gold numbers are not new.

For a business using a gold numbers is no means a novelty idea, well at least in Great Britain. Using a gold number makes your business stand out, especially when it come to your competitors using random numbers issued by their telecom provider. Keep this in mind, and think of a unique, effective gold business telephone number. This effective marketing technique, would give your prospective customers to look any further than any other your business, as they probably couldn’t remember your competitors telephone numbers over yours. Especially if the telephone could be easy to remember like a 0161 715 9000 (gold number) verses 0161 715 9317 (which is not easily to remember telephone number). The uniqueness of the number could play a part in the price, as their may be only a fraction of these numbers available from the pool of thousand available telephone numbers. Some gold numbers, can cost a  one off charge of one to over five thousand pounds per number.

Getting a gold number for use?

Getting a gold number may not be as easy as you think, as your current fixed line telephony provider may not have that particular telephone number available, that your business may need. The next option is to shop around for another telephone company, if else fails with your current telephony provider. Can this telephony company handle my companies telephone calls in the same way as my current provider provides for my business. It is important to explore all options before switching to another telecom provider. Depending on the type of business, there may be off charge to acquire a gold number from your provider, usually anywhere starting from five pounds to five thousand pounds. Just remember that some telephony providers, could base their businesses on the sale of gold numbers, and may set their telephone number prices accordingly to the easy to remember portion of the number.

How about that choice to pick?

Sometimes new telephony providers, could offer the opportunity for their customers to pick a telephone number of choice. Well this option may not be available from your current telephony provider. You should have the option to move your new obtained telephone number back to your old provider, if you prefer old providers service better. You should also check out the possibilities out, before signing up for any new telephone service. Being able to port telephone numbers from one provider to another, is crucial for any business. Since telephone numbers are still an  important part of your brand. The ability to port them out is a must, just in case you decided to change your telephony provider in the near future.

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